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Why Choose Ultra Folders?

Welcome to Ultra Folders, where exceptional quality meets eco-friendly design. Our two-pocket folders are meticulously crafted to provide the highest standards in document organization. Made with BPA-free materials, Ultra Folders stand out as a top choice for professionals and students. With tear-proof material, extra-thick poly covers, non-yellowing clear pages, and many other innovative features, our folders are the gold standard for all your organizational needs. Discover why Ultra Folders are the ultimate 2-pocket folder solution, safe for both your documents and the environment.

  • Key Points:

    1. Tear-Proof Material: Ultra Folders are constructed with tear-proof material for enhanced durability.
    2. Extra Thick Poly Cover: The folder features an extra-thick poly cover for added strength and longevity.
    3. Non-Yellowing Clear Pages: Clear pages that won't yellow over time or cause ink transfer, preserving your documents.
    4. Heavyweight Clear Poly Pages: The folders include heavy-weight clear poly pages to protect and showcase your content.
    5. Lays Flat, Pages Stay Secure: Ultra Folders lay flat when open, and pages won't tear or become loose, ensuring a professional presentation and durability in the classroom.
    6. Water-Resistant Surface: The folders have a water-resistant surface, safeguarding your important documents.
    7. Two Large Inside Pockets: Each folder comes with two large inside pockets for additional organization.

  • Specifications:

    1. 440 Micron Rigid Poly Cover: The folder's cover is made of 440-micron rigid poly, ensuring sturdiness.
    2. 150 Micron Clear Pages: Clear pages are 150 microns thick, maintaining clarity and protection.
    3. Acid and PVC-Free: Both the cover and pages are acid and PVC-free, making them safe for your documents and the environment.
    4. Fits 8.5" x 11" Sheets: Ultra Folders are designed to fit standard 8.5" x 11" sheets, accommodating common document sizes.
    5. Two 4.5" High Inside Pockets: Inside, you'll find two 4.5" high pockets that can each hold up to 60 sheets.
    6. Multiple Folder Styles: Choose from six different folder styles, including options with clear outside pockets, to suit your preferences.
    7. Environmentally Safe, High Quality: Ultra Folders are not only eco-friendly but also of the highest quality to ensure long-lasting use.
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